Q:How do I search restaurants or shops?
A:  The easiest way is to type a few related words into the search box. Describe what you're looking for, and then click ENTER on your keyboard or press Search button on the screen.
  You can search by a restaurant name, area, a type of cuisine and so on -- any related keywords such as a street name or a building name, will be fine.
  To increase your chance of finding the right place, however, select your keywords carefully. Use specific, descriptive words instead of general ones.

Q:How can I use search results?
A:  After searching procedure is done, you will see a name of a shop or a list of several shops. Choose one and click the name of a shop so that you can see the details.
  When you're browsing through i-mode, you can dial to the shop by clicking on the telephone number.

Q:I got wrong information. What should I do?
A:  We regularly check all information. However, some shops suddenly moved or closed without giving any notice to us. We will appreciate your feedback if you'd find any incorrect information.

Q:I want to enquire about this site. How can I contact you?

A:  You can contact us by E-mail.Click here.

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